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  • Chocolate Cupcakes

    Delicious and Moist, with a soft crumb.  Rich chocolate cupcakes, iced with chocolate Unbuttercream. Cupcakes sold in packages of six. Gluten Free...

    Regular price $ 30.00
    Regular price Sale price $ 30.00
  • 5 Grain Sandwich Bread

    Our 5 Grain Sandwich Bread. Delicious yeast flavor in a soft white bread. Gluten Free Dairy Free Soy Free Nut Free Peanut...

    Regular price $ 10.00
    Regular price Sale price $ 10.00


  • Birthday Box

    It's your birthday, you can party if you want to!!  Let us help you celebrate.  Or even better, giving is...

    Regular price $ 68.00
    Regular price Sale price $ 68.00
  • Keto Box

    You're Keto?  Then you need these staples as a part of your Keto lifestyle. RV: $60.  Shipped only Frozen with Dry...

    Regular price $ 70.00
    Regular price Sale price $ 70.00
  • Paleo Box

    You're Paleo?  Then you need these staples as a part of your paleo lifestyle. RV: $53 You Get: Paleo Sandwich Bread...

    Regular price $ 67.00
    Regular price Sale price $ 67.00