Unrefined Bakery always loves to support schools and non-profit organizations, and do our best to accommodate all requests!
We have a standard donation we could provide: A $25 Gift Certificate, bag of "The Mix", and Fudge Brownies, as these items are very popular, relatively non-perishable after several days, and travel well.
In order to move forward with your request, please complete the following questions:
- Name of Organization
- Date of Event
- Unrefined Bakery Location to pick up donation (we prefer 1-2 days before event, max)
- Contact phone number and email
- PDF of 501c3 letter (or hard copy provided at pick-up)
- Items requested if a special event, such as a bake sale, etc where our standard donation doesn't apply
Please send this response to
Subject Line: "Donation Request - 'your event's date' (please enter your event's date)
We will do our best to be in touch with you within 3 business days of your request. 
Thanks so much!